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Located in North Houston, Anchor Grey is a
branding & design company for the truest of brands.

In a few short emails, phone calls and hopefully a face-to-face visit, I will begin to help you walk through this branding process.

Collaborating on a diverse platform of graphic design jobs, I get to work with the young, the old, the crazy and the calm. My bread and butter is working on brands. You might view branding as a new logo or a cool new look for your start-up company. I want to change your mind about that and help you start envisioning your brand as who you are, the story you are telling and a huge opportunity to grow the resources you have right in front of you by working our tails off to maximize that effort.

It takes focus and time to think through what you are currently saying to the world whether you know it or not. About 50% of this branding process is walking through the meat and bones of who you are upfront. The design comes later, once we have a solid basis of what and who your brand is about. 

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